Regulatory Affairs

In the dynamic, complex Israeli (including Palestinian Authority) regulatory environment and registration process, Dor Pharmaceutical Services helps obtain swift marketing authorization for newly launched products in Israel.

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Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs department outsourcing for Pharmaceuticals (Human and Veterinary), Medical Devices, Medical Cannabis, Cosmetics, Food supplements and Homeopathic products.

Qualified Person (QP)

Providing qualified person (QP) certification, outsourcing and insourcing, including batch release services.

Appointed Pharmacist / Regulatory Affairs Manager

New product approvals, dossiers, submission and follow-up for innovations or generics.

Post-approval support

Post-approval support (renewals, variations, import issues, etc.)

Labeling and Packaging

Labeling and Packaging with localization (patient leaflets, labels, packages, etc.), Promotional materials/activities for public and medical community.


Business development, due diligence, Management consulting ,Regulatory second opinions ,Israeli license holder for your product registration.

Why Us?


Expertise and our deep familiarity with regulatory requirements and registration procedures of the Ministry of Health that helps compliance and regulation, improves quality and accelerates the ready products.


Our staff are professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical industry focused on client goals.

Cost savings and flexibility

Accessing services as needed, empowering companies and helping them complete tasks that would otherwise be too expensive to perform.

Effective training

DOR empowers customer staff with effective training and ongoing knowledge transfer, as well as information updates on emerging industry and regulatory changes.