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Dor Pharmaceutical Services was founded in 2011 with a clear mission: to empower the development, approval, commercialization and monitoring of safe, effective pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medical cannabis, food supplements and cosmetics in Israel, the US, Europe and growth regions.


Labeling & Translations

Dor Pharmaceutical Services delivers added production value by providing end-to-end product labeling and localization.


Dor Pharmaceutical Services provides a broad range of proven, certified Qualified Person (QP) and Quality Assurance (QA) services

Regulatory Affairs

In the dynamic, complex Israeli (including Palestinian Authority) regulatory environment and registration process, Dor Pharmaceutical Services helps obtain swift marketing authorization for newly launched products in Israel.



Trust Dor Pharmaceutical Services to smoothly navigate the regulatory landscape, which is stricter than other countries, such as the US.

Food Supplements

Food supplement manufacturers, importers and distributors in Israel can rely on Dor’s comprehensive solutions to obtain product regulatory approval.

Medical Cannabis

Dor established a Medical Cannabis Division with the objective of providing professional, high-quality solutions to Israeli medical cannabis companies that focus on shortening the time to market and on strict compliance with the new regulations.

Medical Devices

Dor provides focused solutions specific to address regulatory requirements in the medical device industry.


For pharmaceutical, biologics, small molecules and combination product companies, Dor provides targeted solutions to address sector-specific objectives.

Why Us?


Expertise that accelerates compliance, promotes quality and expedites product readiness


Team-oriented professionals focused on customer goals

Cost-efficiency and flexibility

Dor’s provides on-demand services to complement existing staff and extend capabilities, which can eliminate expensive underutilized employees.

effective training and ongoing knowledge transfer

Dor empowers customer staff with effective training and ongoing knowledge transfer, as well as information updates on emerging industry and regulatory changes.

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