Labeling & Translations

Dor Pharmaceutical Services delivers added production value by providing end-to-end product labeling and localization.

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Adaptation and Localization

of written packaging materials to comply with current and new Israeli regulations: Verification of labeling format, adapting materials to new leaflet formats and packaging requirements, etc.


labeling, packaging content and related product documents. Localization into formal Israeli languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.

Graphic Design

for packaging material artwork including pagination and layout, design of multi-lingual text and graphic elements (e.g. logos), adding barcode and pharmacode, and preparing deliverables in print-ready graphics files.


Dor Pharmaceutical Services delivers proofreading solutions to help pharmas and printing companies to eliminate printed artwork and copy related errors, providing end-to-end security at every stage of the packaging workflow. All our proofreading solutions meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 requirements.


all packaging labeling using offset and digital print processes (as needed). Printing on a variety of label substrates and folding including booklet format.

Relabeling by GMP plant

DOR offers Relabeling services for healthcare products. The Relabeling plant that is licensed under the GMP. The Relabeling is carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Health, cGMP and multinational pharma companies guidelines. The plant is managed by a qualified pharmacist and is controlled by the quality bodies of the multinational companies and the Ministry of Health, all the management of the quality processes and the procedures in the plant are controlled by the DOR quality department.

Why Us?

All services in one place

Dor prepering packaging materials for a variety of products, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, medical cannabis, supplements and cosmetics. Dor's service covers the entire product lifecycle. From the registration and preparation of a new product to the support of existing products, including changes and adjustments to changing regulatory requirements, translations, layout, graphics and printing.

Printing by GMP plant

The printing process works according to GMP standards, the printing press is regularly monitored and approved by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Compliance with ISO 17001 requirements

DOR is certified in the field of ISO 17100 translations. The standard sets requirements from job / project acceptance to submission to the client.

Shortening delivery times

Current work processes and parts without the intervention of external factors cause the acceleration of the supply cycle and shortens the delivery date to the customer / trading. DOR also prints in any quantity and size, customers receive the packaging materials in rolls or insulators (including folds if necessary) and of the highest quality.