Why us?

Dor helps pharmaceutical, medical device, food supplement, medical cannabis and cosmetics companies expedite product deployment, improve product safety and quality and maintain compliance throughout the entire product lifecycle. Here are but a few ways to benefit from Dor services:


Expertise that accelerates compliance, promotes quality and expedites product readiness

Dor Pharmaceutical Services brings a world of experience and know-how to pharmaceutical compliance projects, including deep proficiency across the regulatory process and familiarity with regulatory authorities. With extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and effective working relationships with the Israel Ministry of Health, US FDA, EU EMA and other international regulatory agencies, Dor helps companies swiftly achieve and maintain compliance, preparing products for timely release.

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Team-oriented professionals focused on customer goals

Dor’s team members are pharmaceutical and medical industry professionals with broad expertise and hands-on experience in their respective fields. The company prides itself on instilling trust and developing effective relationships with customers. Always at your service, Dor experts bring fresh, creative perspectives and approaches to achieve project and company goals.

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Cost-efficiency and flexibility

Dor’s provides on-demand services to complement existing staff and extend capabilities, which can eliminate expensive underutilized employees. Dor’s cadre of professionals offers the flexibility to meet specific needs for large and small projects alike. In the event of staffing shortages or urgent demands, Dor consultants can keep projects on track for successful, timely completion.This as-needed approach can also empower companies to complete tasks that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. With Dor, customers benefit from the responsiveness they need free from in-house human resource activity overhead. For international regulatory consulting, Dor offers top quality services at highly competitive rates.

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Knowledge-sharing that encourages employee effectiveness

Dor empowers customer staff with effective training and ongoing knowledge transfer, as well as information updates on emerging industry and regulatory changes. Regardless of changes in your organization over time, Dor’s commitment to information sharing promotes employee effectiveness. Customers can rely on Dor to be available any time to assist with important initiatives and challenges. By entrusting tasks to Dor Pharmaceutical Services, customers can rest assured that subject matter experts are thoroughly covering all aspects of a project so that nothing falls through the cracks.

With Dor, our expertise is your peace of mind.