GMP/GDP Auditing

Dor Pharmaceutical Services provides independent quality and regulatory audits to demonstrate that a company’s supply chain complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) standards. Dor’s conformance audits cover the supply chain end-to-end, including logistics service providers, distributors and other key infrastructure, both in Israel and abroad. Read More


Dor Pharmaceutical Services delivers Pharmacovigilance (PV), device vigilance, medical information (MI) services to assist pharmas and device companies in compliance with applicable local regulations. These outsourced services enable companies to provide the trusted lifeline that patients and healthcare providers rely on for both marketed and clinical trial products. Read More

Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

Dor Pharmaceutical Services provides full Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) services to coordinate clinical trials at Israel’s leading medical centers. A reliable, knowledgeable clinical development partner, Dor takes care of operational and administrative tasks so companies can focus on verifying product safety and effectiveness. In the complex drug development process, Dor… Read More

Regulatory Affairs

In the dynamic, complex Israeli (including Palestinian Authority) regulatory environment and registration process, Dor Pharmaceutical Services helps obtain swift marketing authorization for newly launched products in Israel. Dor also facilitates existing product license maintenance to ensure continued compliance. As Israel’s leading regulatory affairs consultancy, Dor helps clients minimize compliance-related risk… Read More

Validation, Design & Engineering

Dor’s validation, planning and engineering services help drug and medical cannabis manufacturers, medical device and accessories companies, logistics companies, hospitals and start-up companies to produce precise documentation in order to ensure that their facilities, equipment, systems, processes and instrumentation are in compliance with the requirements of international regulations. Dor provides… Read More


Dor Pharmaceutical Services provides a broad range of proven, certified Qualified Person (QP) and Quality Assurance (QA) services to help companies meet GMP guidelines and Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) regulations. These oversight services cover new product launches and ongoing product maintenance, as well as investigational products (clinical trial certification). Read More

Labeling, Translations & Printing

Dor Pharmaceutical Services delivers added production value by providing end-to-end product labeling and localization. These services address all aspects of labeling from localizing material and translation to artwork/graphic design, to final printing. With extensive medical product experience, specialized knowledge of Israeli regulations and exclusive focus on the Israeli market,… Read More