Food Supplements

Food supplement manufacturers, importers and distributors in Israel can rely on Dor’s comprehensive solutions to obtain product regulatory approval. Targeted Dor services cover dietary supplements, vitamins, nutritional supplements, foods, herbal products, herbs and homeopathic remedies. Customers benefit from Dor’s expertise and experience that support the regulatory lifecycle, from manufacturing and packaging to labeling and distribution of nutritional supplements, including:

Regulatory Affairs

Dor helps food supplement companies obtain and maintain compliance with the following important solutions: Regulatory affairs department outsourcing, New product submissions and follow-up till approval.

Post-approval support

Post-approval support (renewals, variations, import issue resolution, extensions for additional indications/uses, etc.)

Regulatory consulting

Business development and due diligence, Regulatory affairs consulting, Regulatory second opinions

Food importer license

Obtain of food importer license for new product submissions.

Food Supplement Labeling & Localization

Dor’s labeling and localization service for packaging, inserts and labels provides added production value in Israel’s dynamic food supplement regulatory environment. With speed and quality, Dor adapts and translates all labeling elements to local regulatory requirements, formats and languages, graphically designs artwork and prints all food-supplement packaging elements.

Quality systems

Food Supplement companies can rely on Dor for GMP and GDP compliance audits.

Among our clients in the field of Food Supplements

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