Pharmaceutical labeling and localization

Dor Pharmaceutical Services delivers added production value by providing end-to-end product labeling and localization. These services address all aspects of labeling from localizing material and translation to artwork/graphic design, to final printing. With extensive medical product experience, specialized knowledge of Israeli regulations and exclusive focus on the Israeli market, Dor addresses the complex packaging and labeling localization demands of the pharma industry.

Dor’s best practice approach lets companies offload tedious and time-consuming labeling and localization tasks, to trusted experts who are meticulous about the outcome.

All-inclusive services

Dor’s packaging labeling and localization services produce packaging materials for drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements. Dor supports the entire medical product registration lifecycle, from labeling for new product applications to the maintenance of existing labels.

Packaging materials include:

  • Package inserts and outserts: patient leaflets, physician leaflets (prescribing information) and instructions for use (IFU).
  • Labels for folding cartons/boxes, bottles, vials, syringes, ampules, etc.
  • Packaging: folding cartons/boxes for bottles, vials, blister packs, etc.

Dor labeling and localization services feature:

  • Adaptation and localization of written packaging materials to comply with current and new Israeli regulations: Verification of labeling format, adapting materials to new leaflet formats and packaging requirements, etc.
  • Translating labeling, packaging content and related product documents. Localization into formal Israeli languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.
  • Graphic design for packaging material artwork including pagination and layout, design of multi-lingual text and graphic elements (e.g. logos), adding barcode and pharmacode, and
  • preparing deliverables in print-ready graphics files.
  • Proofreading services and technologies
  • Printing all packaging labeling using offset and digital print processes (as needed). Printing on a variety of label substrates and folding including booklet format.

Ensuring compliance and quality

Dor is well-seasoned in the licensing practices required to obtain marketing authorization. Maintaining a rigorous quality program and a meticulous quality assurance system, Dor helps ensure adherence to Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) regulations. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) adhere to the strictest rules, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All deliverables are proofed by a Dor pharmacist and language specialist and approved by a certified Qualified Person (QP).

This enables customers to benefit from thorough quality deliverables, fewer review rounds and reduced risk.

Focusing on the bottom line

Dor offers practical solutions to labeling and localization, always with an eye on maximizing value while minimizing cost. Dor’s professional network helps obtain the lowest prices while insuring quality and timely delivery. Proficiency in the entire regulatory process means that Dor’s investment in beginning-stage efforts sets the foundation for later stage activities. This forward-thinking expertise gets it right the first time, preventing costly and time-consuming rework and errors. The end result is accelerated time to market and expedited return on investment.

State-of-the-art tools and technologies

Dor’s use of the latest technologies differentiates services for customers, offering maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Simplified and automated processes rely on electronic files, eliminating the burden of paper-based management (review cycles, archiving, etc.). The result is a streamlined workflow that speeds customer request turnaround and product introduction. Customers receive softcopy files, so they can rest assured they hold the most accurate, up-to-date version, and are empowered to decide how to maintain the documents in the future.