GMP/GDP Auditing

Dor Pharmaceutical Services provides independent quality and regulatory audits to demonstrate that a company’s supply chain complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) standards. Dor’s conformance audits cover the supply chain end-to-end, including logistics service providers, distributors and other key infrastructure, both in Israel and abroad. Our expert auditors verify full GMP/GDP compliance as required by health authorities, including:

  • Independent, third-party audits
  • Comprehensive audit reports
  • Statements of compliance with GDP quality standards
  • Qualified, experienced auditors
  • Regular audit report updates and re-auditing
  • GMP/GDP compliance programs
  • Preparation for agency/corporate inspections (mock audits, etc.)

Dor Pharmaceutical Services ensures professional, cost-effective GMP/GDP auditing for your supply chain for the full lifetime of your product.