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Avner Dor | CEO, Founder

  • Pharmacist
  • M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine

Avner joined the pharmaceutical industry in Regulatory Affairs as a Qualified Person for Luxembourg Pharmaceuticals in 1997. He served as Regulatory Affairs Manager with Trima Israel, one of the leading generic manufacturers in Israel, followed by 6 years with Pfizer Israel as Regulatory Affairs Manager, Head of Pharmacovigilance and Quality Assurance, and as Director of Clinical Operations before establishing Dor Pharmaceutical Services in 2011.

Avner is well-respected in the Israeli Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials communities by regulators and colleagues. He has earned a reputation for integrity and efficient, effective support throughout full project lifecycles and beyond.

Avner is certified as a Registered Pharmacist, Israeli Regulatory Affairs Manager and Israeli Qualified Person. He is also a member of the Pharmaceutical society of Israel and the Israeli PDA (Parenteral Drug Association). He is an Israeli QPPV (Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance) for global pharmaceutical companies.

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Rami Mittelman Linkedin

Rami Mittelman | COO

  • M.Sc. Computer Science

Rami has 30 years of leadership experience in Hi-Tech companies. He started in R&D positions in Scite x (one of the Israeli Hi-Tech flagships) and Cubital (one of the inventors of the 3D printing). In 1995 Rami joined Verint (a global leader of Actionable Intelligence solutions) and served as a Senior VP of Product Marketing and business unit Managing Director. In 2008 he served as the COO and GM Israel of Payoneer (a provider of innovative payment solutions).

Rami joined Dor Pharmaceutical Services in 2012. Rami have diverse experience both in start-ups and large international companies. He is highly experienced in strategic planning, in building and managing processes and in particular in quality management.

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Shiri Hib Linkedin

Shiri Hib | Head of Artworks Localization & Translations Group

  • B.A Management and Finance

Shiri has extensive managerial experience spanning more than 25 years in the establishment of operating, training, service and sales systems.

Shiri joined Dor in 2017 as the Head of the Artworks Localization and Translation Group after holding office as the CEO of Hever Translations for 10 years. During her career, Shiri directly and indirectly managed dozens of employees and teams, and was responsible for screening, recruiting, training, performance evaluations and the personal development of all employees in the company. Prior to that, Shiri held managerial positions at leading airline companies.

Shiri has an operational and managerial orientation and a global perspective and is currently focusing on health and regulation in Israel, on building quality systems and ensuring compliance with the stringent ISO 9001 and ISO17100 regulations.

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Erica Kofler Linkedin

Erica Kofler | Head of Projects & Validations

  • B.Sc Chemistry

Erica is a career life-science professional specializing in quality assurance and regulatory compliance for drugs and medical devices. With expertise in cGMP, GDP and GLP, Erica has a proven skill range in both high-level leadership and hands-on knowledge, covering the entire value chain. She consistently and successfully streamlines processes, shortens their time to completion and identifies resource savings, while achieving excellence in compliance.

Erica has worked for companies such as Teva and Medison, serving as Division Manager for Consulting and Quality Services, Quality Assurance Manager and QA Section Manager. She is certified as a Senior Auditor.

Erica’s deliverables have been benchmarks in the industry serving as the foundation of the Israeli Ministry of Health standard operating procedures. As a natural educator and mentor with a distinct customer-focused style, Erica has a personal mission to share her knowledge and promote customer self-reliance.

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Jacob Bobi Linkedin

Jacob Bobi | Head of Business Development

  • B.A Marketing and Business Management

Jacob was discharged from career service in the Israeli Air Force and began his bachelor’s degree studies in marketing, during which he was appointed a business mentor at Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Israel (JA-YE Israel). In 2011, Jacob joined Nextep, a consulting company specializing in management standards and regulations as Product Manager for QMS SaaS.

In 2013, he was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager at Nextep, during which he established the sales and marketing department, led Nextep to growth, was directly responsible for dozens of employees and for managing customers from the pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics and food sectors. In 2016, Jacob was promoted to Business Development Manager of Nextep and was responsible for developing new consulting and regulatory services.

Jacob joined Dor at the end of 2018 and is focusing on business development, marketing and sales for Dor’s services and on developing the company’s medical cannabis segment, made possible by the Israeli Ministry of Health reform and the establishment of its Medical Cannabis Unit (YAKAR) pursuant to Government Resolution 1587 to launch a medicalization model for the cannabis plant.

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