Clinical Research

Dor Pharmaceutical Services provides full outsourcing services to coordinate clinical trials at Israel’s leading medical centers. A reliable, knowledgeable clinical development partner, Dor takes care of operational and administrative tasks so companies can focus on verifying product safety and effectiveness. In the complex drug development process, Dor delivers world-class service and support.

Working in close partnership with your team, Dor provides flexible, responsive outsource capabilities tailored to your exact requirements from phase I to IV. Together we evaluate and manage study progress and assist in decision making, solution implementation and resource adaptation. Our focus is always on providing the highest level of service so your product gets to market faster.

Dor’s gold standard clinical study support complements and extends your in-house research and development resources. Our services help you expedite all aspects of your clinical study in Israel, including:

  • Preparation of study documentation (medical writing: protocol, Investigator’s brochure, informed consent form (CRF), diaries, etc.)
  • Identifying and evaluating study locations (feasibility studies)
  • Pre-study selection visits
  • Investigator and site selection
  • Budget and contract negotiation
  • Investigator meeting coordination
  • Regulatory submissions in compliance with international (ICH-GCP) and local requirements
  • Site setup and staff training
  • Study materiel management
  • Management of study medication supply (including QP batch release) and other logistic issues
  • Handling of study payments
  • Monitoring
  • Site management and outsourced site monitoring
  • Clinical research organization (CRO) oversight
  • Adverse event reporting. Read more…
  • Translation and localization of clinical trial and medical documents

Why Israel?

Conducting clinical studies in Israel with Dor Pharmaceutical Services offers significant advantages:

  • National medical insurance coverage – financial barriers to treatment absent
  • Single-tier medical service – equal treatment across population
  • 47 teaching hospitals feature high-caliber, modern facilities with technology and treatments at western standards
  • Excellent traceability through computerized medical records
  • Highly educated, enthusiastic physicians for strong recruitment rates and very low patient lost-to-follow-up rates
  • Excellent English proficiency among medical staff for effective communication
  • Experienced, professional study monitors
  • High data quality recognized by FDA and EMEA
  • National guidelines for conducting clinical studies compliant with ICH-GCP and EN-540
  • Efficient ethical approval process
  • Compact geography for cost-effective monitoring
  • Population genetically diverse – Israeli clinical results applicable to most developed countries
  • Key opinion leaders and local societies/working groups in most medical disciplines
  • Israel ranked 5th per capita for clinical studies